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We connect the top customer service talent with growing SaaS that put their clients first. 
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Here’s a quick run-down on how Scouth works.

0. Sourcing & Interviewing
In the past months, we've built a talent pool with the top 1% candidates in LATAM in customer service.
1. Form Submission
Complete the form below with information about your customer support/success position.
2. Connection
We connect you with 3 candidates of our talent pool, who are a good fit with your SaaS and position.
3. Selection
You check the candidates’ profiles, interview them, and carry out a short paid project (optional).
If you don’t think the candidates are a good fit, we connect you with other 3.
4. Hiring
You select one of the candidates. We work along with you to hire this person as a contractor.
Our recruiting fee: $4,000 $3,000
Average monthly wage: $1,500

We offer a 90-day guarantee in case the employee leaves the company or you aren't satisfied with the work quality.

Our talent pool has 100+ candidates. All of them have:

3+ years of experience
Working at a SaaS in a similar role, either doing B2B or B2C customer support (you can choose).
Perfect English
They have a Proficient English level and are excellent communicators and writers.
Expertise in the latest tools
They are all tech-savvy, with experience using various SaaS tools (Zendesk, JIRA, etc).

Why in LATAM?

All the candidates in our talent pool are from LATAM. Here's why:
LATAM has a highly qualified workforce.
The cheap living costs mean salaries are more competitive (generally $1,500/mo).
It is easy to find workers with proficient english skills.
The time zones are similar to those of the United States and Europe.
There are fewer cultural barriers than with talent in Philippines and India.

Fill the form and start hiring!

Tell us more about your startup and the job position you're looking to fill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a candidate placement or outsourcing service?

It's a candidate placement service. We connect you with the candidate and you directly hire him or her directly as a contractor.

What is the estimated salary of the employee?

We estimate a salary range of $1,000-$2,000 per month. Our average candidate will have an expected salary of $1,500, but this may vary depending on the candidate’s background and years of experience.

How much is the payment to Scouth?

We're charging a one-time payment of $3,000. The payment is done once the candidate has signed to start working at your SaaS.

Do you offer any guarantee?

There's a 90-day guarantee, meaning that if your employee leaves your company or you aren't satisfied with the work quality, we find you another candidate for free.

How long is the recruiting process?

The complete process usually takes 5-20 days. This time is divided in three steps:

  • Candidates presentation (48 hours): In less than 48 hours, we'll present you 3 candidates from our talent pool that are a good fit with your SaaS and job position.
  • Client interview & paid project (3-5 days): You'll have the opportunity to assess the experience of the candidates you liked the most by performing an interview and/or giving them a paid project.

In some cases, the candidate will have a notice period of 10 to 14 days, so even though you can hire them, they won't begin working immediately. Some other candidates don't have a notice period.

How can I assess the experience of the candidates?

We have a thorough interviewing process that all our candidates must go through. However, we also recommend that all our clients perform assessments of their own to determine whether the candidate is a good fit or not.

Usually our clients perform interviews with the candidates or a short paid project.

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