Hire your next employee in Argentina and save up to 70%

We're a productized headhunting service, finding Argentinian talent for your startup.

Remote-hiring is one of the best ways an entrepreneur can save money.

However, for many entrepreneurs, hiring remotely is often a troublesome and time consuming process of trial and error. Finding the right employee in another country can usually take numerous hours of work and many failed attempts. 

This doesn’t have to be this way. We help entrepreneurs locate some of the most talented and qualified employees in Argentina.

Why in Argentina?

Argentina has a highly qualified workforce.
The cheap living costs mean salaries are more competitive.
It is easy to find workers with proficient english skills.
The time zones are similar to those of the United States and Europe.
There are fewer cultural barriers.

Here’s a quick run-down on how it works.

Step 1. Complete the form and tell us a little bit about yourself and your hiring needs.
Step 2. We schedule a call so you can give us all the details and ask questions.
Upfront payment:
Step 3. We begin searching for candidates and interviewing them.
Step 4. We present you several candidates we like and help you schedule interviews with them.
Step 5. You choose the candidate that satisfies your needs the most.
Final payment: Two monthly salaries of the worker.
We offer a 90-day guarantee.

Here are our roles and estimated wages.

Customer Support

$750-$1,500 / Month

Virtual Assistant

$750-$1,500 / Month


$1,250-$2,500 / Month

Content Writer

$750-$1,500 / Month


$1,250-$2,500 / Month


$1,250-$2,500 / Month
Note: We aren't doing developer recruiting at the moment.

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