January 2, 2022

How a Finances App Hired a Customer Support Representative for $700/Month

Customer Support

The client

The client was an iOS and Android app that helped people capture, store and organize their purchase history, including paper and digital receipts.

The role

They were looking for a “technically minded person” who:

  1. Could take care of customer support (a few support inquiries per week).
  2. Build out a knowledge base for the product.
  3. Monitor app store reviews and feedback.
  4. Keep an eye on social networks for comments, feedback or problem reports.

They needed someone tech-savvy who could get a deep understanding of the app and help their not-techie customers achieve their goals with the app.

The candidate hired

We presented the client three candidates and they hired one, called Santiago, for $700/month.

Santiago had a Proficient English level and showed excellent communication skills.

He had 8 years of experience in customer experience positions, having worked as Customer Service Specialist and Customer Assistance Representative at some big brands, including Samson and Nestle.

Moreover, Santiago had a deep understanding of technology as he had studied computer programming.

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